If anyone knows someone with a 2nd Gen Venture I have a few odd ball parts free to pick up or pay shipping costs.

Rear Brake Disc (actually have the entire wheel with disc on it but wheel damaged from hitting pothole but disc is fine, I can remove the disc if someone needs it, someone gave me a wheel with disc when they triked out their RSV and had no use for the rear wheel)

Clearview windshield (PO was using it but gave me the OEM windshield which was shorter and I like better)

Top half of left saddle bag, brand new. (07 color was Blue/Black)Had to replace bottom but had to buy entire bag, kept using the old top thinking I'd put the new one on the bike when I eventually sold bike which doesn't apply now)

Carbon One trailer hitch (If they are a member of venturerider.org they will know what this is)