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Thread: Rechargeable Lighting

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    Rechargeable Lighting

    As promised at the Tims Ford campout here is the review / details of my lighting. The key thing to note is they are all rechargeable & share the same batteries. Being rechargeable they have rubber plugs that go in the charging ports that could break off & get lost, just make sure to plug them in securely. They are not submersible but are very rain resistant.

    Headlamp - heavier than most backpack name brands but the weight of the heatsink & batteries is not wasted, this thing is bright from spot to flood, use it on low (high / low / strobe). If you wear a 3x helmet or hat size over 7 3/4 the top band may not allow you to pull the headband down enough & it will keep popping off the top of you head.

    Lantern - Lightweight & compact, the "s" hook that came with it is a little small for some situations. I'm not the kind to leave a lantern on if not needed so it has lasted without recharging 4 nights with plenty to spare. In a pinch it can be used as a USB power supply. There is a great detailed review (also info on other lanterns & batteries) of this on Amazon.

    Flashlight - This thing is small (not micro) lightweight & bright, from spot to flood, with all the expected strobe patterns. I've had it in the rain several times & so far so good. The square head is actually nice since it wont roll off.

    Batteries / chargers - All the above come with chargers, so if you are a weekend or campground (w/ power) camper they should be fine. I chose to get an extra 12/120v charger & 4 extra batteries (which also came with a 120 v charger). All batteries can be replaced without tools.

    Notes: I motocamp with a camper (Mini Mate w/ a 100ah battery for my cpap) good for 5 days off grid - which sets a 5 day Min. standard for lights, cooking, food, clothes, water etc. Still working on clothes (need more fast drying synthetics) & water storage...

    Headlamp $10.99
    Flashlight $13.99
    Lantern $16.99
    extra Batteries $7.98
    Battery Charger $5.99
    total $55.94

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    Re: Rechargeable Lighting

    I just got one of these (Solar) LED lights and for less than $13, I'm pretty impressed.
    It's about the size of a hockey puck when collapsed into its flashlight mode, and a little smaller than a soda can opened as a lantern.
    I have not used it camping yet, but the build quality was good, the light output is great (low - high - flash), and I assume the run-time will be as promised.
    It too, can be used to charge other devices because it has both a USB output port and input port.

    They are also available in a standard AA battery version if you don't want the Solar or Rechargeable.
    The AA battery version lasts much longer than the internal rechargeable, but of course you would have to carry batteries too.

    Just my $.02.

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    Re: Rechargeable Lighting

    I picked up a solar lantern at WalMart for around $14, that's inflatable. It collapses to the size of a pancake and inflates to the size of a coffee can. It runs for 10 hours on a 7 hour charge in the sun. Worked so well, I bought another one. When not traveling, I leave them in the sun on the kitchen sill, so that they're always charged in case of power failure. They're also available at Amazon.

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    Re: Rechargeable Lighting

    I wish they made a smaller version of this model. I really like it as you can just plug it in directly to 110v to recharge it, or charge it via solar as a solar pad is built in - and it's either a lantern or flashlight. You can even use it to charge your USB powered devices in a punch. It's just too big for my moto-camping. If I could find one half the size I'd be much happier;

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    You gents that tote a trailer would have no problem with this, but for me using hard luggage and tank/tail bag, every inch counts and this item is just too big, although I carry it anyway because of the utility. I suspect because they need a certain "AREA" for a specific number of solar panels that it has to be the size it is, or you give up the self-charging solar feature.

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