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Thread: Towing heavier camper

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    Re: Towing heavier camper

    As I go down the road the loaded weight of my wide-bed Roll A Home is also about 500 lbs. I would only suggest that you ‘Don’t forget it’s there, [you won’t!] and plan further ahead. With that weight I would strongly suggest a swivel hitch to decrease bike damage. Even if the bike falls over (or sinks into soft dirt) to the 25 degree angle it will save damage to the towing system.

    2nd thought (from experience): When pulling in, or leaving' as gas pump make a wider circle around the island.


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    Re: Towing heavier camper

    At least the newest generation of digital brake controllers are smart enough to understand more of what you are doing, especially if mounted on the trailer and not the bike.

    When I get my new trailer, I'm going back to using the brakes on it. The wiring is on the Tri Glide already, I have the receptacle with a cap on it on the other side of the hitch from the 5-way receptacle. It provides power, ground, and brake hot to any controller I mount.
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