Spent days reviewing tents. Chose this one due to interior height (7') plus camping with grandkids. Cabin-style tent with 10 x 10' footprint. Three large window and high door. Purchased May 2016 for $209.00 through Amazon. The day before I received it the price dropped to $165.00. Set-up twice by myself. 45 - 60" & can be a bear if windy. Set-up twice with 9 yr old help. 45 - 60". Headed to SW Florida for 29 days. In the tent 20 nights. Daily heavy windy rain. Inside stayed dry. Not a drop. Hint...Place rain fly before finishing tent set-up. Difficult for one person with the height. Fly seemed needed for tent stability. Good tent for 2-3 people with room for two cots and a sleeping bag or two. Tent would be more of a base camp with 2-3 day stay.

Good tent but thinking I need something little quicker/easier set-up.