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Thread: Aspen Classic Help

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    Aspen Classic Help

    Anyone have an issue with the button top rivets on the bed board hinge of an Aspen Classic being pulled out of their proper position due to not paying attention while deploying the foldout bedboard?

    A member of the MTTF forum asked for help and I can't really because I never experienced this hinge problem.

    I was thinking maybe one of our members could chime in there after reading the post at

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    Re: Aspen Classic Help

    Nope...No problems here...

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    Re: Aspen Classic Help

    Never had any problems.
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    Re: Aspen Classic Help

    No problems here, just wonder how this issue was created...

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    Re: Aspen Classic Help

    According to the OP he thinks the spring loaded support arm on the bed board didn't swing down as it should and he failed to notice it, so the board went way too far down and ripped the rivets out a bit. Just something to watch out for. I have never experienced it either.

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    Re: Aspen Classic Help

    Does your Aspen Classic have a reinforcement bracket under the outside of the tub? I had that happen on mine, and they have a retrofit kit that replaces the rivets with nuts and bolts.



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