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Thread: GPS with weather overlay?

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    GPS with weather overlay?

    Anyone had good success with a particular gps with weather overlay? I realize you would need to subscribe to a service, etc. I've been using a Garmin Zumo 550 for several years, has worked great, did have to put a new touch screen on it which I did myself couple years ago. Its getting a little outdated but really don't use it much as I use Google maps on my phone or a regular paper map which I have to stop and pull out and look at. Would be nice to have weather radar on the GPS itself so could follow weather while riding. Last long trip out west did a detour here and there to avoid storms.
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    Re: GPS with weather overlay?

    We have a Garmin 665 with weather radar and it has been very useful in the past. It doesn't work in Canada. I never called Sirius XM to see if they have a plan for Canada.

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    Re: GPS with weather overlay?

    Instead of Google Maps on your phone you might want to consider Waze, a free app from Google that is much more of a navigation GPS app than Google Maps. When not moving I still use Google Maps to look at what is around me such as places to eat but for navigation I use Waze.
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    Re: GPS with weather overlay?

    When I had a Zumo 665 I used my NavWeather overlay many times to route a ride I was leading in between thunderstorm cells. Now I use the Navigator on my TriGlide the same way. Tells me when to stop and put on rain gear as well. Very useful.
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    Re: GPS with weather overlay?

    When traveling I use the weather app on my cellphone and leave the GPS for navigation. Works for me since the weather app (Radar Express) is free. Otherwise I look at the sky!
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    Re: GPS with weather overlay?

    Looks like the G.665 would be nice with the XM,weather, etc.
    Yea my son loves Waze, always talking about it but then he's a daily road warrior to get to his job on the other side of Atlanta.

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