So there we were at the 1st Annual Missouri Campfire when Randy and I started chatting about trips, where weve been where we wanted to go when Randy mentioned his desire to go to Alaska. Me? Im still a clock puncher that cant think past Monday mornings. But having just recently come off a very memorable (insert Canadian border crossing debacle) two week ride into Canada and around the Lakes, I started pondering if this was a trip I could actually take before retirement. Flash forward a few weeks and I reconnected with Randy. Yes, I could possibly pull off 2 or 3 weeks to do this. Flash forward a month and Randy has convinced me to take 4 or 5 weeks. So we landed on a rally date of June 11th.

Now before we get started, I have two big shout outs and an idea.

1st shout out goes to Randy for all of his logistics and patience as I worked through the time off, landing on the date but most importantly in advance for the patience he will need. Those of you that know me know Im not a planner. I typically show up without notice, forethought or food then head out in the same manner. I feel lucky to be traveling with Randy as my Road Captain and Chief Navigator.

2nd goes to Steve aka Ironheadziggy76. Steve really took the time to provide solid advice from his experience via email then again by phone to Randy and myself. My only regret is that we connected with him too soon and thus have played the waiting game with much bated excitement.

The idea? While Im not a big motocamper poster, my thought is to try and provide updates and pics along our trip. I have read many that motivate my dreams, desires and impatience with retirement so I want to try and reciprocate.

To set the foundation of our trip, feel confident knowing that Murphy and his Law have paid us both a visit as we geared up for our expedition.

Me? It started with a slight injury to my throttle hand last month, then the much needed pre trip spending on gear and bike maintenance followed by a colonoscopy with less than favorable results. Oh did I mention the pre-trip spending? How about the home HVAC that went out and is being replaced tomorrow and that aint cheap. Can you say unexpected expense?

So, Ill let Randy chime in with his pre-trip woes, planned route and other details that I take for granted.

Otherwise, I hope Im able to honor the commitment on my above idea.