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Thread: Sur camp?

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    Sur camp?

    Hi all,
    Thoughts on comfort for 2 adults?

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    Re: Sur camp?

    Just got mine Leesure Lite, not tried and tested yet! But everything I've read is great!

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    Re: Sur camp?

    I have a Sur camper. My wife and I just took a 10 day trip with our yorkie dog. Every thing went great and even rained one day and night. Very easy to set up and take down, you can store all bedding and sleeping bags with pillows on the bed and still close the camper, plenty of room on top of bed. Also plenty of storage on top rack under the rain cover. I have the add-a-room but seldom use it. I have a 5000 btu air conditioner that I set up to the window and blow the cold air through the screen. I carry the air conditioner in the front box when not being used.

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