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Thread: Leesure-lite Excel Rear Cargo Carrier

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    Leesure-lite Excel Rear Cargo Carrier

    I finally got around to building a rear cargo carrier. Amazing when you go through the junk pile what you have laying around. I still have to paint it and get some red marker lights (yes I know not necessarily required by FMVSS) but anything for extra visibility! Lots of room for my air conditioner and a toolbox for tire changes or a cooler.... I should sell a kit...... Now I have to find some smaller hitch pins to keep it in place.... Comes off and goes on easy... I think the original frame I used was rated for 350 pounds... not that I would load it like that!

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    Re: Leesure-lite Excel Rear Cargo Carrier

    Looks good!! Like idea for ac to ride.. Would be less lifting ...

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    Re: Leesure-lite Excel Rear Cargo Carrier

    Great Idea !! Won't you need to be careful with the tongue weight. Placing heavy stuff back there will create a fulcrum.

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    Re: Leesure-lite Excel Rear Cargo Carrier

    Would love to have one of those!


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    Re: Leesure-lite Excel Rear Cargo Carrier

    I looked hard at doing something like this but decided I was not all that keen on the need to unpack it every time I set up and remove it from the unit. Just seemed like more work than I needed to do but then I don't carry all that much "stuff" camping. Now the box that goes underneath for storage of chairs and canopies I would love to have because I only have to unpack those items if I want to.

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    Re: Leesure-lite Excel Rear Cargo Carrier

    Just finished drilling the holes in the frame so I can put some hitch pins through to keep it on...... Found some 3/8 rated hitch pins at my new favorite store Tractor Supply... What a PITA! good snug fit of course and saw in little tiny print on the Lessure-Lite is a sticker that says (paraphrasing) "Any modification to the rear end of the trailer will kill you and people will point their fingers at you"

    I read somewhere in LL literature about not recommending that their trailers be towed by motorcycles only trikes and cars.... Sigh I sometimes think about building things and selling them but you come back to product liability insurance and it is not cost effective.

    As for unloading it Essentially it is for my A/C unit in a plastic tote , gallon of gas, and a small toolbox. some rok straps and pull them off. two hitch pins and off it comes.

    I use Rotax containers for fuel

    Fits perfectly flat.

    As for the seesaw effect yup something to watch with careful loading it should lighten the hitch weight down to something manageable.

    This cargo carrier is not for short trips rather when I go on my longer jaunts I like to have as many comforts as possible...... Glamping rules!

    On another note I keep thinking about installing either the rear storage box or get a hunk of 8" SDR35 pipe and use that but I seem to have lots of room now.....

    Thanks for the comments! so far have not had to weld the rack.... Just a lot of drilling.


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    Re: Leesure-lite Excel Rear Cargo Carrier

    We've been using a similar set up for years, we also have a pod on the tongue from Leesure Lite that my wife puts her stuff in. She always over loads the pod so the weight on the rear offsets the overload in the front. Thousands and thousands of miles trouble free. It only adds a minute to set up or pack up time, literally 1 minute or less.

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    Re: Leesure-lite Excel Rear Cargo Carrier

    Agreed aside from my solar project and some small accessories I only keep my rain gear in there. Took the scoot out for a ride fully loaded today.... Only problem I had was the pod's latch leaves something to be desired and keeps coming loose even though it has a carbiner through it. I suspect I will replace this with a better latch system. The one for the top of the camper is just fine. I got it down to about 5 mins when I pulled into the driveway to take the roof carrier and rear cargo rack off and open up the tent. Not too bad for an old guy


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    Re: Leesure-lite Excel Rear Cargo Carrier

    In case you haven't noticed the pod latch is adjustable....we had the same issue until I tighten the latch. Having said that the latch isn't much protection for your goodies any way. We too are at about 5 min to set up from getting off the bike. Do you carry stuff on the top of your LL? I've noticed hairline cracks in the fiberglass around the mounting screws at the rear of the camper. I was at one time carrying a bicycle on top but don't do that any more.

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    Re: Leesure-lite Excel Rear Cargo Carrier

    Yah I have played with the latch and it still is not what I want. I have used the following latches on another project and think I am going to install one onto the pod

    I think the problem is that the two mounting points are not exactly parallel to each other. I have some fiberglass square rods around here somewhere and will use that to bump things out a bit.

    Yes I carry things such as chairs/outside rug/ fold up table and a couple of other bulky yet light stuff. I still want access to the inside of trailer if needed while on road. I opted for a waterproof fabric car carrier type. with waterproof zips

    Which fits perfectly between the rails and I hold it down with some rock straps. One person can easily unclick the straps and lift it off without back strain. On my previous LL circa 1999 the lid was more flimsy... the excel one is pretty darn strong. My guess is the cracks would be more likely from using the trailer lid as a floor when open as opposed to putting some stuff on the rack. I spoke to Dawn at the factory prior to ordering my 2016 LL Excel and asked her about the cracking in my old one. She stated to me that they have never had to replace a lid since they changed the process of manufacturing them. I was originally inquiring about getting the extra heavy lid but decided not to. I am a big guy and while the floor moves a bit however so far so good!

    I had thought about carrying a fold up bicycle also...

    Aint it fun!


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