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    Since most of us are ORFs then don't expect it will be a today's world of 20 somethings, the words 'hooking up' mean a lot more than just meeting someone, ie, it means they are engaged in various sexual activities.
    Well noted! I've been chuckling as I read this, thinking about my daughters rolling their eyes when their grandmother asks them about hooking up with A or B. Ha ha. Current usage.

    This does sound like a good idea. If you really want to reach out and embrace more Motocampers, once the Hooking Up section of this board gets nailed, perhaps it would be wise to cross-post in some other places. I heard that Craigslist has a Casual Encounters section that might bring in some more motivated and willing partners.

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    Re: Hooking up

    I think it would be a nice gesture to add this to the list of topics to remember Gary Gene by..awesome idea anyway!

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