One of the folks over on the XL Forum (EXNAUTI) suggested that I start a thread and name it Crusty's Travels. I could include all the details about my traveling, motorcycle modifications and whatever else I put down in writing relating to being a Tramp. It would make it easier for me and for those folks who enjoy following my misadventures. The XL Forum has more designated areas than I can keep up with, and I wasn't sure where the appropriate place to post was.

Here on Moto Campers, it's a lot easier; I just post on the General Forum. However, I needed a title for the next phase of my Tramping about, so I decided to steal the title that EXNAUTI came up with.

As always, if the Moderators have any problem with my doing this, I'll stop immediately.

I'm not traveling yet, but I will be soon. Here's my latest snippet about it:

Progress Towards Perfection

The rear turn signals on the Roadster have been relocated. It was a Royal Pain in the Butt job. Partly because I was doing it for the first time, but mostly because the Official Turn Signal Relocation Kit from Harley was designed by a moron. I wonít describe the personal details of his shortcomings, but ďtalented engineerĒ is not one of the terms I used when being vocal. What should be one to two hour job took me about six hours. Of course, I could probably do it in less than half that time now, but I probably wonít ever have to do that job again. At least, I hope not. I could go into a real ranting diatribe about the kit, but all Iíll say is that if I had to do it over again, Iíd get a kit from some other source.

Tomorrow, Iím bringing the cast wheels over to the shop to pull the wheel bearings out and put new wheel bearings in. Iíll also pick up my belt and sprocket while Iím there. Dondi is giving me a ride to the shop. Well, kind of. Sheís coming over to Hudson where weíll load the wheels into her car, then Iíll drive over to Malden. She hates to drive in the city. If I can get the bearings changed out relatively quickly, Iíll treat Dondi to lunch at Nanaís Pizzeria. They make great pizza.

The next item in the Transformation is to bring the bike and the H&B Mounts to the Fabricator. Hopefully, it wonít cost an arm and a leg to get the mounts modified to fit on the Roadster. Once thatís done, theyíll be off to the Powder Coater.

I got my taxes done at the Accountantís and Iím getting a refund from both the State and the Feds. That means that Iíll be able to order the 30 Liter Junior bags as soon as my refund is direct deposited into my Checking account. I might just have the hard bags on the bike before I set out for Vernís in just a few weeks

Itís all coming together!