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Thread: Reminiscing about past bikes

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    Reminiscing about past bikes

    My parents sold their house in Houston nearly ten years ago and moved to the Texas Hill County. They recently found out that their old house is now for sale, and they got all riled up about it. I found this odd, because when I have sold a car or motorcycle I was ready for something new and I didn't think about the old vehicle after it was gone. Then I realized that actually there is one motorcycle that I kept up with. For several months after I sold my 2001 R1150GS the new owner sent me photos of it in different locations. But we eventually lost contact. However, exactly eleven months after I sold it, it was wrecked and totaled. I saw the photos and got weird feelings, probably because I had a connection to the bike since I rode and maintained it for three years. Have any of you kept track of bikes you have sold, or maybe seen one just like it and you were suddenly reminded of a trip you took on it?

    Here is my ex-GS on my patio before I sold it.

    Here it is in its last resting place.
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    Re: Reminiscing about past bikes

    I've never seen any of my previous bikes except for the ST1300 I had prior to my current Wing. It was sold to a wholesaler from the dealer I traded it to then it was on ebay and the current owner got it from that wholesaler.

    The Wing I had prior to the ST is in Nebraska and last I heard which was maybe a few months after the trade, the new owner was happy and he and his wife were able to take trips together.

    I think if I saw one of my previous bikes wrecked like that it would kinda feel strange. But, I've never looked back after trading a bike. I figure, I have my reasons and they worked for me at the time and even if I go back to a previous bike, like I did with the Wing, I don't feel I made a mistake trying out the ST... It actually taught me how to be a better rider.

    Here are my previous bikes:
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    Re: Reminiscing about past bikes

    I haven't had that with a bike yet...but it did happen with me and a pick-up truck.

    My grandfather owned a chevy, 1984 pickup...nothing fancy...just a farm truck. I used to go out to the farm and help him work in the summer and he'd let me drive way before I was old enough to legally drive. Then several years later, my grandfather died unexpectedly and my parents and I ran up to the Texas Hill country and gathered at the town house he owned. My uncles, aunts, parents and other adults were there being very emotional, and I was the only kid there (18 at the time) and my parents said that I'd probably be better off going out to the farm 10 miles away. The only vehicle available for me to drive was the truck. The truck my grandfather had been hauled away in 6 hours earlier as he was fading. So off I drove, contemplating life, in his truck and headed toward solitude at the farm house. I can still remember the clouds and sunset that day. It was as if the clouds had been frozen and shattered into fragmented pieces and the sunset somehow made it look as if magma was pooring out between the cracks. It was the first time anyone I "really" knew had died.

    Later on, my wife and I inherited the truck a couple years later after my daughter was born. It was fairly worn out, but the A/C still worked. I was greatful to have something to protect my family from the Texas heat and couldn't afford to buy anything new. I began working for Arthur Andersen and was invited to one of the big wigs Christmas party. It was in a very wealthy neighborhood, but the only vehicle we had to drive was the old pick-up. Upon arrival, every car there was a porsche, mercedes or BMW. We decided to park away from the other cars merely because we figured it would get towed. Upon leaving, as we fired it up in a nearby parking lot...we were informed by a by-stander that when it started that fire shot out underneath it....We nodded, in a, "yeah, we know"....and then they reiterated..."no, I mean a lot". My wife and I must of have laughed, half-embarrased, half in fear...all the way home.

    Eventually we traded the truck in to get a new vehicle since the transmission was beginning to slip, primarily when putting it into gear (put in drive, count to 3 and then it would engage).

    For the next couple years I saw that old truck driving around and everytime I would see it, a flash of memories on the farm, black lab dogs running on it's tool chest, sitting on the tail gate getting some water after having worked in the fields, driving away from crying adults, taking my new born for short drives, christmas parties... and then the truck would fade from site in a few seconds and I'd put it and my memories behind me, about as easy as trying to swallow unchewed bread.

    I saw the truck for sale and my wife and I even stopped a couple times to look at it, stare at each other as if to begin trying to talk ourselves into it, or out of it, but not really knowing what to say or how to express how we were feeling. Then a car would whoosh by on the road and snap us back out of our nostalgic moment and we'd realize that the truck was really just a hunk of metal that was just slowly corroding away and that while we had memories with it, we did not need the truck to hold on to those memories and a picture is much easier to hold and maintain. We'd climb into our new ride, look back at the truck, stare at the amenities our new treasure had to offer and agree to make new lasting memories.

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    Re: Reminiscing about past bikes

    Good Story!

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    Re: Reminiscing about past bikes

    My last bike, its the one I'll remember the most. My 91' ST1100. Bought it used on 9/9/99. Had less than 20,000 on the clock and was bone stock except for the +4" Rifle windshield.
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    This bike took me all over the country including 4 WeSTOCS where it won Best Farkled and the next year most unique Farkle. Just before selling it I came to the conclusion that there was nothing left to do to it. I had my new to me 04' BMW GS Adventurer and the ST was just sitting. I felt it was time to let it go to someone who would ride it like it was meant to be. Bike was sold simply by word of mouth to a friend of the guy across the street. So I still get to see it from time to time on the weekends as they gather for there weekend rides.

    The ST had close to 140,000 miles on the clock when sold. Was on its 2nd motor after it developed a crack in the water jacket at 72,000 miles. Had the 40 amp upgrade, Travelcade seat,Rackman 2 pc. rack system, Rackman HWY WINGS, full floating front rotors, 00' rear rotor and caliper, XM, GPS, ect.,ect.,and ect. Too many things to list.

    This bike never let me down and alway's got me there and back in total comfort.

    As you can see from the picture it had everything from Piaa 910's to HWY. (the originals)WINGS. Everything stayed with the bike when I sold it except for the carbon fiber belly pan which I felt Dick Seng should have for his bike. Couldn't pull myself to take apart what took me so many hours to get just right.

    I still feel "IMO" the ST1100 is probably the best bike ever made. Maybe someday i'll have another.

    And yes, I really do miss it.
    Keith R.
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    Re: Reminiscing about past bikes

    I spent 3 years and $3800 farkling a 02 r1150r to fit me. Last March in Key West I was rearended and then jammed in between 2 cages. Even though I came out with a new 04 ST1300 (that I am learnng to love ) Every time I am scanning the web of BMW dealers and see an RR I get flashbacks of PC1, Daybreak in the desert, Weaking up at Linville Falls campground with an inch of ice on the tent, and many more good memories. Ah time to build new memories!!! We won't get into the 79 XL 500

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    Re: Reminiscing about past bikes

    I don't have to wonder where my old bike is, it's still in the garage! I bought it brand new in 1969 for $1,500. Back then, a Honda CB750 was a big powerful bike, nowadays a 750 is considered a tiny starter bike, how things have changed.
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    Re: Reminiscing about past bikes



    That 69' CB750 is like gold. You were smart to hold onto it. Its actually worth quit a bit. The 69' was the first year which can be identified by the rough sand cast on the engine cases. To top it off you can lay claim as to being the original owner. Not to many can lay claim to that with a 69' CB750.

    I can remember my brother (18 yrs old) buying a new 70' CB750. His friend had a 69' which was much much faster. Dad took the bike away after my brother got too many tickets and them kept it for himself.

    Would love to see more pictures if you've got them.

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    Re: Reminiscing about past bikes

    Yes this is a CB750 with the sand cast cases. At the AMA historic races at the Mid-Ohio race track, I have had people leave business cards on the bike asking to buy it. I plan on leaving it to my son. One interesting thing that sets the original CB750 apart is the throttle. The first year or two used four individual throttle cables, one to each carb. So your right wrist was holding four carb slide springs open, an extremely heavy throttle. Honda quickly re-engineered this arrangement to use a crank to open all four carbs and gain leverage against the four springs. I find it interesting that the CB750 looks so tiny compared to my Honda ST1300. I used to think the old bike was big and heavy, but not anymore.
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    Reminiscing about past bikes

    Wow, fantastic stories folks ... keep 'em coming.

    I remember all of my bikes, as they all were something special to me. Then, and now. My first was a Kawasaki KE175; I learned road-rules on that beast. Wasn't very reliable, but I loved it anyway.

    Then came a progression of machines from various manufacturers, and they all showed me small bits of the world around me. Whether I was going to work, or going on a trip, they all showed me life.

    As I'm out and about, and I see a model I had, I always go on a trip down memory lane. And smile.

    I wouldn't trade any of that for anything .....
    Gone on holiday ... may not return!

    All who wander are not lost ...
    Be a traveler, not a tourist.

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