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Thread: Morgan Monroe State Forest

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    Morgan Monroe State Forest

    (My first try at this, so give me a little break here-Please)

    Quiet. Really quiet place. Located couple miles east of state road 37 between Bloomington and Martinsville. Approximately 32 or so camping sites with an overflow area if needed. Also has a large scout/group camping area. No electric. No showers. Pit toilets. Of the 32 sites, 7 or so nice tent sites. Trees & some degree of privacy. Property is 24,000 acres. Main property road is well maintained, 4 miles of curves to the campground.

    Two smaller lakes. Fishing (but after many years in SW Florida on the Gulf catching snook, drum, red fish and tarpon, Indiana fishing is kind of sad), probably 40-50 miles of trails for hiking. 17 miles south to Bloomington and Indiana University (maybe a bowl team this year and basketball team is pre-season ranked in the top 20). 19 miles to Nashville, Indiana. Nice small town with many shops including biker stuff. Brown County State Park couple of miles down the road from Nashville. Columbus is 37 miles east and Indianapolis 39 miles north.

    Cons; deer. Lot of deer. Everywhere. Bicycles. On the weekends bicycle traffic is heavy. Mainly IU students. Old movie 'Breaking Away' was filmed in the general area. No camp store. Had a 20 mile round trip ride daily for ice. Don't have a trailer and just could not make room for a cooler. Used a couple of cooler bags which worked for a day. Ticks and snakes. Ticks everywhere. Local paper had noted the increased snake activity in the forestry. Timber rattlesnakes and copperheads. Before you think, yes - snake burgers, the timber rattlesnake is protected. Copperhead guess not. Did probably 15 miles of trails in my three day stay. Saw no snakes. Which could also mean its time for new glasses.

    Also a 100 year old cabin you can rent. Way off the main road. Was there earlier this year, could not stand the mold/mildew smell. Slept in my tent.

    Three nights came to $39.00. Bundle of firewood for $5. Kind of confusing. No one in the office, I loaded 18 pieces of firewood on the bike, got them all secure. Went back into the office, told the lady how many I had. She asked how many bundles? Said none of them bundled, all loose. She explained there is a wagon out there and you load the wood into the wagon up to a line which equaled a bundle. Had to unload and restack.

    First night two campers. Second night 6 campers. Third night was just me till someone pulled in at 7pm. Now with 30 vacant camp sites, where do they set-up? Next to me. Hate that. Overall, nice three days.

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    Re: Morgan Monroe State Forest

    Cool write up IndianaRon.
    Hope you get the new glasses. Before your next stay there.

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