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    Rock Creek Station SHP

    Recently stayed at Rock Creek Station Campground which is adjacent to the Rock Creek Station Historical Park located in Fairbury Nebraska. This is one nice place and highly recommended. The park is located off the beaten path, however right on the old Oregon Trail which is its main attraction at the historical park and on site museum. Unfortunately I arrived too late to view much of the historical features. The facilities were impeccably clean, water hot and everything was well maintained.

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    WOW you now know exactly where I grew up! My Grandparents lived across the road from the park to the west. We lived a mile and a half north and west. I use to ride dirt bikes in the park when it was just a state land reclamation area. We helped with the building of the cabins and barns. One funny thing is the labor for that came partially from guys on work release from the pen. I was twelve or so when that was all taking place. Wayne Brandt was the park ranger when I was a kid and he would let me ride in the wagon pulled by the oxen for free instead of having to pay tourist prices. There were four steers Red, Spot, Bill, and Dave and Red was a pest and would follow me around looking for attention. I loved it all. If you watched the slide show in the museum (if it hasn't been changed) my younger brother and I are both in it. Those sure were fun times. I'm sure glad for the memories, Thanks for visiting.
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