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Thread: Cumberland Gap Wilderness Road Campground

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    Re: Cumberland Gap Wilderness Road Campground

    Quote Originally Posted by Meach View Post
    Since we use a cargo trailer we always keep food in it overnight to keep critters out of it, different story with pop-ups. I would think in containers in storage area would work or hang in a tree as stated, which is what we we used to do backpacking in bear country. If park doesn't have storage lockers then must not have much of a bear problem.

    Many years ago camping when my kids were young we were at Fort Mtn. SP in GA, talk about a bear problem. Every night it was like the bear parade as they came thru and raided all the garbage cans and drug the trash out into the woods to go thru it. They would walk right past the tents and not bother anything, they were headed for those yummy trash cans. Later state put in better bear proof containers.
    THAT would scare the u know what outta me,what with having my hairy kids with me!

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    Re: Cumberland Gap Wilderness Road Campground

    Quote Originally Posted by Dusty Boots View Post
    Never underestimate a bear when it comes to food! They can be extremely aggressive, especially a sow with cubs!!
    When backpacking in the 'Dacks' of NY, you must have an approved Bear Canister. You are in violation of the rules if you hang food from a tree with a rope, as they know how to get your food when you use that method. Very clever animals, with a very keen sense of smell! They have been know to break into cars when all there was in it was an empty chewing gum wrapper, or they saw an empty cooler inside!!

    When I backpacked through Canyonland's Salt Creek Canyon, if you didn't have a bear proof container, they loaned your a Ursack bear bag to keep your food/toiletries in.

    I've stored food hauled up in trees many times while out backpacking, wilderness canoe tripping and motocamping.

    I have even hauled coolers up in the air suspended by rope from the trees with the use of a pulley, but you have to have sturdy enough trees for that and it's a PITA to do so!!
    I doubt if I'd want to hoist the size of the cooler I have with my cargo trailer/camper up into the trees, now.

    The makers of Yeti Coolers claim that some of the models of their coolers are certified 'Bear Proof', when used with padlocks, but they are way over priced AFAIC!

    BTW ... if you have a car carrier, or Tag-Along type cargo trailer, that is no protection against a bear getting at your food. The tops are pretty flimsy, especially when a bear can rip a car door off!

    This is how I hang my food bag when I've no cooler along. ....

    Here's a picture showing how I pack for a 5 week trip when camping off the bike and you can see the ice cream lid in the upper right portion of my saddlebag. ....

    Do u keep your toothpaste toothbrush in there Ken? I wonder about squito spray, bug stuff..guess i would not wear it hoping they dont come after me,then my kids...

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    Re: Cumberland Gap Wilderness Road Campground

    I camped at Rollins pond via bike in 2008 and no mention of bears there,very busy c/g,no motors allowed in that area but had to go thru the motor allowed c/g to get to it..go figure, there must have been bears, I just did not think of them being there what with so much traffic..duh!! HAHA!!

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    Re: Cumberland Gap Wilderness Road Campground

    Hmm.. may be an idea to just wash my hair a week before going on the Blackwater Falls trip,wear a sock on my head and just dont look at me! HAHA!!

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