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Thread: Been thinking long term!!!😃

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    Tent Been thinking long term!!!😃

    Thinking of going to a TRIKE... In a couple of years. Who here thinking of trike? Or did move already to trike? Or back to two wheel and why?
    Do you like the choice of that you made.. What would you do different..
    Thanks in advance!!!! Ride safe what ever ride!!! God bless all !!!!!!
    Happy camping & riding!!!!

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    Re: Been thinking long term!!!😃

    I thought about it even checked into some kits I don't really like some of the looks of trikes (just me) I went side car instead but kept my 2 wheel bike not sure I ever want to give that up after riding my wife's trike few times they might handle a little better than side car and are or seam to be more available I just think for me I like the side car hack the best I can take more stuff including grand kids if your not in a hurry I would look at both including some kits that might be more what you want

    wifes trike with truck bed

    my side car hack

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    Re: Been thinking long term!!!😃

    I have a 2008 Gold Wing trike with a Champion kit. Only thing I regret about it is that it took me so long to move from two wheels to three. I will say that you have to be prepared for the fact that it is not two wheels and rides entirely different. I would do it over again in a minute.

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    Re: Been thinking long term!!!😃

    I wanted a real trike, not an amalgamation of a bike and some extra parts that makes up what is no longer a bike (bi=2), wanted something that was designed from the start as a trike.

    Some of the trike kits are nice but only the Spyder was designed as a trike only - can't buy a 2-wheeled model.

    Our Can-Am Spyder...

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Re: Been thinking long term!!!😃

    Had my GW Trike since 2008, I liked it from the start. I can ride all day and night. Never had a problem in 87K miles.
    Pulls any trailer I want and never know its back there. So many things you don't have to worry about riding a trike.
    Never go back to a two wheel. I wanted one a long time and lucky enough to own one now. Not for everyone I know.

    Few years ago riding in Ar. on the backroads, it was 80* and a nice day, "Born to Wild" on the radio, and I was smiling
    ear to ear. Love the trike. I know some trike riders who can stay with most two wheelers any where they want to ride.

    Once in Ar. a rider friend of mine said He was scraping pegs, and following Me pulling my 55 trailer through the curves.
    I only had the rear wheel come off the ground once, next time it said 15 mph I slowed down. lol lol

    Buttset from Mo.

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    Re: Been thinking long term!!!😃

    I am definitely getting a trike, its just a matter of time. I want to ride well into my 80s or longer, and the knees and ankles just ain't gonna cooperate much longer.
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    Re: Been thinking long term!!!😃

    Y'all know I want a URAL!! HAHA!! NOOOOOO!!! HAHA!

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    Re: Been thinking long term!!!��

    Quote Originally Posted by kayakinbiker View Post
    Y'all know I want a URAL!! HAHA!! NOOOOOO!!! HAHA!
    Yep wouldn't go back to two wheels again. Whole lot easier to ride in winter, plus now I can light up the world.
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    Re: Been thinking long term!!!😃

    I have a pelican case like that and 2 small ones!

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    Re: Been thinking long term!!!😃

    After doing a few thousand miles on my Ural I can say I like the hack, just wish the old girl was a little less cantankerous and a bit faster.
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