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04-07-2009, 03:44 PM
If you're looking for a nice overnight trip (just to get away for the weekend), you might give Osage Hills SP (http://www.touroklahoma.com/detail.asp?id=1+5U+3604) a try.

This is located about 10 west of Bartlesville on US 60. It's a pretty park a couple of miles south of the highway so you don't get a lot of road noise. Cabins are available as well as a pretty nice swimming pool in the summer. You can hike a short distance down to Sand Creek which has a nice 2 foot ledge waterfall and is a great spot for a few photographs.

There is a small lake and there used to be rowboat rentals available.

Campsites are level and sandy. Most of the big rocks have pretty well been moved out over the years. Water and Electric are available for those that wish it.

It's a nice quiet place to get away from it all for a day or two. It's in the Osage Hills and US 60 has a few twists and turns but nothing really to write home about. If you're inclined for the back roads, there's plenty around. There'a also Pawhuska and if you like BBQ, Bad Brad's is the place to go!

It's been a few years since I've camped there, but when I did, everything was clean and well kept. Lots of wildlife in the area. My son and I were visited late one night by a family of Racoons looking for our marshmallows! Lots of Wild Turkey (not the marginally drinkable stuff), and deer abound.

I'm planning on a short overnight trip here with my daughter in the near future. This ride is about 90 minutes for us, but will help her build her confidence level and skills level on the open road.

Enjoy! P^


Mr. Guy
04-07-2009, 07:04 PM
Here's a few pics of the park and surounding area.



04-07-2009, 09:57 PM
Thanks for the review.